“Many people make Gin, but only OTG has been able to make a lifestyle out of it”.


The Company. Founded in 2017, Old Tom Gin Company (OTG) has dedicated significant resources in the creation of an ultra-premium Gin, Gin based ready-to-drink beverages, and other super-premium spirits, characterized by high-end ingredients, and top of the notch packaging.


Old Tom Gin Company (hereinafter “OTG” and/or “Company”) has been dedicated to producing, selling and marketing ultra-premium Gin, Gin based products, and other high-quality spirits. In addition to the creation of the finest spirits, Old Tom Gin runs the first Gin Restaurant & Distillery in St. Andrews (Scotland).

As “the home of Golf” and the home to the oldest – and most elite – University in Scotland, St. Andrews is considered an exclusive destination claiming the “Most Expensive Street in Scotland”. Considering the tradition and exclusiveness surrounding this unique countryside, and the heritage imbedded in the local culture, it came only naturally to create carefully selected premium products.

OTG is a Gentlemen Gin inspired by the Roaring 20’s, the economic boom, the cars, the luxurious parties of the Great Gatsby and the first edition of the Ryder Cup in 1927.

During Prohibition, Gin was the best-selling alcoholic drink because it is easy to make; adding botanical distilled alcohol to it, diluted with water in the bathtub, hence the name of “Bathtub Gin”.

OTG has chosen the best botanicals and the best Sicilian citrus fruits. OTG only uses juniper berries from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines pounded in Carrara marble mortars and mountain water. The alcohol comes from selected grains and expertly macerated with the individual botanicals “Cold Extract”.

OTG is the only distillery in the UK to be associated with the following consortia:  RedOrangeConsortiumofSicilyI.G.P.
 LemonConsortiumofSyracuseI.G.P.
 Basilico Consortium of Genoa D.O.P.

 ItalianGingerConsortium.

OTG is a modern Gin, attentive to the environment and expertly created by Master Artisans. One that exists thanks to the roots of the past, on which it is built by combining tradition and innovation; key elements that have contributed to what Italian and Scottish culture is today.



Provide the market with tangible high quality and emotions in every aspect of the drinks.


Old Tom Gin Company fills its products – made from the best cold extracted botanicals, Sicilian citrus fruits, and juniper berries – in a patented bottle, bohemian (laser engraved) crystal closure (limited edition) and a crystal (sticker) closure (regular product).

OTG’s close ties in the Golf Industry – firstly, by geographic proximity to the Home of Golf; and secondly, the establishment of an extensive and prominent network – have led the company to the opportunity to participate in the Ryder Cup Rome 2023 as Official Licensee and Official Supplier of Gin, Gin based products, and other spirits.

OTG is a local company with an international ambition and the intention to become a distinct glocal (global & local) brand. The business concept builds on conveying its local roots in the Fife Council in Scotland and yet offering its ultra-premium products across Europe and the world.


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