The Bottle & The Suit

A piece of art

Our passion for excellence goes beyond distilling some of the finest Gin out there. Inspired by master artisans and fashion we are devoted to creating a luxurious, innovative, and eye-catching design to offer you an unforgettable experience.

Our deluxe packaging features a soft-touch material throughout the exterior, foil stamped with a special 3D-metallic-look cover and a magnetic closure front. The embossed cobalt blue bottle receives an embossed hand -adhered label made of a 150 micron thick flexible Alu substrate with a matt pearl varnish. The interior received a custom cut-out to hold our patented bottle & bohemian crystal stopper securely, and is covered with the finest fabric.

Our Inspirations & Heritage

Just a “good ole story”

“Old Tom Gin Company in St. Andrews” is nothing short of a wish to pay tribute to tradition and legends. It is all about the magical place of the “Home of Golf” St. Andrews, the footprints of unforgotten characters, and the renaissance of lost tastes. This is where our fairytale begins.

Our Gin

Our Secret

Made from the best cold extracted botanicals, Sicilian citrus fruits, juniper berries from the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines pounded in Carrara marble mortars and mountain water. Our desire to balance tradition and innovation, serving ourselves of the best the world has to offer, is the force behind the renaissance of Old Tom Gin. Let our passion ignite your ´joie de vivre` and show you the way to the simple and beautiful things in life.

The Old Tom name has more origins than the entire Marvel universe put together. There are many, many stories claiming to reveal the etymology behind the spirit, each treading a line that falls somewhere between the logical and the ridiculous. 

Old Tom dominated the gin scene for decades, but as technology improved – and with-it distilling techniques – there became less of a requirement for sweetening agents and adding huge quantities of botanicals to cover the base alcohol. Tastes moved towards the drier style of gins we know and love today, with Old Tom falling out of favour by the 1940s and almost gone by 1970s. Before it tumbled silently into history, though, Old Tom made its way into a lot of classic cocktail recipes. 


These books have been held close by bartenders for decades, but it wasn’t until the mid-noughties, when cocktail culture truly re-awoke, that the call for Old Tom to come back grew loud enough for gin brands to take notice.


Official Licensee 2023 Ryder Cup

“There is nothing like the Ryder Cup.
Chills. Butterflies in the stomach. Hair raising on the back...and I'm just talking about the fans. “
The atmosphere at these biennial matches pitting 12 of the best golfers from the U.S. against 12 of Europe's best is riveting theater. If you're lucky enough to be on the grounds, you can feel the energy.”


“Many people make Gin, but only OTG has been able to make a lifestyle out of it”.



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